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Security is a primary concern for all businesses. Much is written now about cybersecurity and the threat of online breaches, but it’s crucial not to lose sight of physical security. Protecting your premises is every bit as important as securing your networks. Unwanted physical intrusions are as common today as ever, so good-quality gates should be a high priority for all business premises.

But it’s not only about security; it’s also about controlling the movement of people and vehicles on your premises. Public facilities like hospitals and further education establishments use gates to control who has access. Restricted areas and public entrances can be easily defined through gates. And aesthetics is also a factor; your gates should not only be functional, but they should also be pleasing to the eye.

GG Gates and Barriers offers endless options for Commercial Gates because we can create anything you need; it’s a truly bespoke service. Our experienced team of experts can also work with you to determine the design and specification for every gate to ensure it fulfils its purpose.

Below, we have listed some of the popular Commercial Gates we offer, but remember we can manufacture to your specific requirements, and we’ll happily chat with you about what you need to secure your premises.


Mesh Gates offer many options depending on the intended purpose; we can provide light mesh solutions if you simply use gates to control the movement of people and vehicles and guide them through your premises. However, if you need a high level of security, we can manufacture using a heavy mesh that protects you against unwanted visitors, whether on foot or in vehicles. Our experienced team can advise you on the precise specifications to meet your needs.

We offer Mesh Gates including:

• Twin Swing Mesh Gates
• Sliding Mesh Gates
• Bi Fold Mesh Gates
• Mesh Pedestrian Gates
• Electric Mesh Gates

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Palisade Gates are the most commonly used solution for industrial and commercial properties. They are strong and capable of withstanding most unwanted entry attempts. They are also durable and easy to maintain, so they will withstand the most inclement conditions while retaining their appearance.

We can also provide your Palisade Gates in various finishes, from galvanised to painted or powder-coated in your corporate colours. Our expert team can assist you in selecting the correct Palisade Gates that will protect your property and look great for years to come.

We offer Palisade Gates including:

• Twin Swing Palisade Gates
• Sliding Palisade Gates
• Palisade Pedestrian Gates
• Bi Fold Palisade Gates
• Electric Palisade Gates



Vertical Bar Gates could be the ideal solution if you are looking for simplicity, style and security. We can provide multiple options from round to square pales, and either can have a range of toppings that can be ornate or curved to provide an additional level of security.

Vertical Bar Gates can be manufactured to whatever height you require, and we finish in whatever colour you need. These are the ideal solution if you need something that looks great while also being robust and offering protection from intruders. Because of their simple and classic appearance, Vertical Bar Gates are ideal for public and residential spaces.

Our specialist team can advise you on the final specification and guide you through our many options.

We offer Vertical Bar Gates including:

• Twin Swing Vertical Bar Gates
• Vertical Bar Sliding Gates
• Vertical Bar Pedestrian Gates
• Vertical Bar Bi Fold Gates
• Electrical Vertical Bar Gates

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Public and Social Sector Gates are usually supplied for controlling access to public places like council parks, which many people visit daily. In this instance, security is not usually the primary concern; it’s more about controlling movement and providing efficient access to public spaces. That said, security is always a consideration in public spaces, especially if the areas are closed at specific times.

We can work with you to explore the intended use of the gates in your public and social spaces and recommend the best solution to provide adequate levels of security while maximising the flow of people in and out of the area. We can also provide bespoke solutions that give due consideration to the environment and maintain the integrity of the surrounding area.

We offer Public/Social Sector Gates including:

• Bow Top Gates
• Ball Top Gates
• Flat Bar Gates



Securing fields and controlling the movement of livestock and people is challenging, but we can offer multiple options with our steel Field Gates. Whether lightweight or robust, we can offer various solutions to meet the access requirements.

Available in multiple sizes, we can provide single and double gates and a wide range of fastenings that will protect your land while enabling easy authorised access. Gates can be sheeted, half/full mesh or bar, and we can offer manual or automated operation if required.

Our experienced team can advise of the best specification depending on the access requirements on your land.

We offer Field Gates including:

• Bespoke Field Gates
• Electric Field Gates

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The GG Gates and Barriers team are proud to design and build beautiful gates throughout the United Kingdom from Lands End to John O’Groats – contact us if you’d like further information.

Bespoke Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Gates

GG Gates and Barriers does what it says on the tin; we make grand gates. The entrance to your home is the first thing visitors encounter, so the design, impact and quality of your entrance gates will set the tone for your entire property. First impressions last, so making a statement with a grand gate will create the proper lasting impression.


Barriers & Bollards

Barriers and Bollards are commonplace, particularly in the urban landscape. They are installed primarily to control vehicle flow and manage property access. Barriers are available in many options depending on the function they need to fulfil; the primary choice is manual or automated.


Gate Automation

Gate Automation is not just about opening and closing your gates; it’s about controlling access so that only authorised people can enter. Your GG Gates and Barriers may be designed to look great, but they also need to provide security and privacy.


Gate Repairs and Maintenance

GG Gates and Barriers installation works as well 10 years later as it did on the day we installed it. By visiting annually we can make minor adjustments or make repairs under your maintenance contract to extend the working life of your Gates in a cost effective manner.



We can supply a full range of accessories for your gates. These vary from replacement parts for your automation or access control system to ironmongery for your gates.We deal with all the leading manufacturers and hold stock of commonly required parts; others we can get quickly upon receipt of your order.